Major Conferences on Gambling Addiction

As gambling addiction gathers pace, the issue moves up on the agenda of the global community. A number of health professionals as well as research institutions, like Canadian Society for Chemistry, address this problem through bringing it up for discussion at conferences on gambling addiction. We have put together a run-down of major conferences and their objectives, along with the agenda items, and gambling mental effects.

Canadian Society

The Main Objectives of the Conferences

The problem of gambling addiction challenges communities as much as individuals who unite their efforts to tackle problem gambling. Conferences on gambling addiction set a wide range of objectives to meet:

Opportunity for International Interaction

Conferences constitute a great platform for a public dialogue. Through the exchange of best practices and professional networking, participants contribute to the enhancement of responsible gaming. Conferences dedicated to gambling addiction are useful for a wide range of people: from researches engaged in addiction study to 1st year assistant professors and entrepreneurs in the relevant field.

International Interaction

Raising Awareness

According to the US National Council on Problem Gambling, about 2 million American adults qualify for having major gambling-related issues. Those having moderate addiction to gambling amount to the averaged 5 million adults. This is just local data highlighting that gambling addiction is an acute problem that needs to be recognized globally. 

 National Council on Problem Gambling

People suffering from gambling addiction may not realize they are in trouble and do not seek help.

They may really get involved so strongly in the game at such an online casino that they literally forget themselves. What is happening inside the brain of a gambling addict at this moment?
Studies show that the dopamine released in the brain, while the person is in the process of gambling, is similar to doses activated by taking drugs. In fact, repeated exposures to gambling after periods of fun usually result in lasting changes in the human brain.

At the same time, gamers who know they have been exposed to this disorder, hesitate to reach out for assistance. Raising awareness of the problem gaming benefits both the affected players and their family members to take action. Outreach initiatives serve the following purposes:

  • highlight the issue within the general public
  • share educational materials
  • embed and exchange resources and tools related to problem gaming
  • encourage discussion of gambling addiction
  • promote responsible gaming
  • inform that treatment is available
  • prevent young people from the dangers of gambling
  • educate and assist the gaming industry.

Finding Ways to Apply Solutions in Practice

With the rapid development of the gaming industry, the number of trends is growing as well, and new concepts become a priority:

  • rethinking recovery
  • finding new approaches to treatment
  • health system reforms
  • growth of online gambling.

Researchers, health care providers, gaming industry businesses – all seek to explore and prevent gambling-related disorders and promote responsible gaming. One of the main objectives of conferences on gambling addiction is to find ways to turn theory into practice. By staying up-to-date on the latest developments and changes, as well as through close communication, conference participants find practical applications for data pooling. These include, but are not limited to, addressing issues of private and public funding, professional expertise of caregivers and researchers, etc.

Agenda Items

Conferences on gambling addiction serve to cover the most prominent and pressing challenges of problem gaming and its consequences on both an individual and global level. Such international collaboration engages its participants into a far-reaching conversation around a wide range of topics, namely:

Gambling Addiction and Dopamine Reward

During 2016 Canadian Society for Chemistry meeting (CSC) participants took a more in-depth look at the severity of gambling addiction from a scientific perspective. Gambling is a fascinating activity that brings pleasure and satisfaction to players. Just like other pleasurable activities, e.g. eating or fast driving for some, gambling causes dopamine levels to spike. This dopamine release is very rewarding for the brain. The catch is that over time the dopamine rush is getting weaker and weaker, while the gambler is trying to return to the original pleasant feeling. All of this evidence supports the fact that gambling addiction is as dangerous as substance abuse.

Brain Activity Concept

Loss Chasing

Loss chasing constitutes the gambler’s aptitude to up their bets hoping to make up for previous losses. This criterion marks the defining point that turns gambling from recreational to addictive. Loss chasing is one of the central items on the agenda. Being able to recognize this deviation early leads to a positive effect on the statistics of gambling addiction. That is why this pathological gaming behavior is closely examined by conference participants.  

Gaming Industry and Responsible Gambling

99th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition has featured a number of stakeholders striving to redefine the concept of responsible gaming. Responsible gambling is advocated through a number of liability initiatives. Those initiatives are implemented by the gambling industry, governments, and casino operators to enhance security and reliability of casino establishments. They also serve to promote the concepts of gambling addiction and the dangers associated with it.  

Major Conferences

Gambling conferences have been at play for quite a while now. The development of online gambling has caused an increase in the number of conferences in recent years. Casino providers and professionals associated with the field of game addiction cash in on the opportunity to be part of such forums. Bringing together experts from different countries, international conferences serve their purpose of shaping a new direction for the future of gaming addiction. Among a plethora of conferences, we have selected major events.

The Canadian Gaming Summit

The Canadian Gaming Summit delivers comprehensive educational content and expert speakers, as well as a unique opportunity for delegates to attend networking events in the new marketplace. Summit guests can benefit group discount packages as well as fully integrated sponsorship packages that feature exposure before, during, and after the Summit. It provides a robust education program based on relevant session and keynote topics with well-known presenters, numerous opportunities for tet-a-tet discussions, a trade show floor with leading industry service providers, networking events, and more.

Canadian Gaming Summit
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Montreal International Games Summit

The Montreal International Games Summit is one of the country’s largest and most immersive gaming gatherings. This yearly event aims to raise awareness of Quebec’s burgeoning video game industry by showcasing hundreds of the world’s greatest game creators. The summit also outlines careers and education and focuses on company growth and media exposure.

GGaide Conference

GGaide Conference

The GGaide Conference hosted by Techaide and the Quebec video game industry is raise cash for Centraide of Greater Montreal, a local organization that collects and invests funds to combat poverty and social exclusion. GGaide is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for individuals in the video game industry to get together, support the community, learn, and, most importantly, make a good difference in the lives of those in need.

The Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE)

Held in Australia, the Australasian Gaming Expo is one of the largest conferences in the industry. It welcomes casino operators, developers, gamers, and people engaged in gambling addiction research. All participants come together to enjoy and contribute to educational seminars and thought-provoking discussions.

SiGMA Americas

Thousands of attendees take part in the SiGMA Americas conference. Industry leaders and policymakers, among other participants, are digging deep in an effort to address the industry’s most pressing issues:

  • major innovations
  • gambling addiction: its symptoms, causes, and treatment
  • favorable technologies for investment
  • key trends in the industry

SiGMA Americas states that 47% of its conference members are primarily c-level or decision-makers. It provides a unique opportunity to establish new partnerships and explore the emerging market.

Ice Totally Gaming

The acronym “ICE” originally stands for “International Casinos Exhibition”. Since ICE London began, however, the gambling business has undergone significant changes, and the event has grown to fit the evolving gaming scene, and now caters to the entire gaming spectrum with a balance of land-based and digital platforms.

The conference hosts participants from over 100 countries, all using the international platform to find prospects for cooperation and solutions to pressing industry issues.

Ice Totally Gaming
IGB Live

iGB Live!

iGB Live! is one of the leading igaming venues for international networking. A distinguishing feature of this conference apart is that it runs the industry’s major content provider, iGaming Business. Therefore, iGB Live! sessions are arranged and constructed exclusively by industry experts.

Gaming Technology

Gaming & Technology Expo

With 20+ years of expertise in holding conferences and exhibitions, Gaming & Technology Expo is rightly considered one of the most important platforms for gaming businesses in Latin America. The exhibition plays host to experts in the field of gambling from about 30 countries. Its keynote speeches and discussion panels raise concerns on the latest technologies, innovation, and safer gambling.

Pressing Issue of Gambling Addiction

It is not enough to see gambling addiction as a behavioral deviation. It is a much more severe disorder that causes people to chase pleasure, neglecting their social and work lives. This explains why so many gambling conferences are devoted to the scientific background of the question.

Gambling, like substance abuse, alters brain chemistry in measurable and verifiable ways. Gamblers have the false impression that they are in control of their actions. Whereas, scientists insist that people make decisions under the influence of hormones. Chemical storms in the brain cause the feelings people experience. Winning while gambling releases dopamine, a chemical that causes feelings of joy. It’s the same chemical that kicks in when a person is prone to substance abuse.

Interestingly, factors like genetics and neurobiology are taken into account to better understand why some people suffer from problem gaming. Moreover, gamblers’ impulsive behavior may be embedded in their DNA.