CSC Professional Development Track: Effective Communication in Science, Engineering Trades and Technology (SETT) Workshop (pre-registration required)

Monday, June 6, 2016
Delta, Mayflower and MacKay Room

*This event is sold out*

Communicating effectively is an essential competency in the workplace. Exchanging information with clarity and understanding, promoting your ideas and solutions, strengthening relationships, creating an inclusive workplace and advancing your career success all depend upon communication.

This session is focused on improving your workplace communication skills through discussion, self-reflection, and experience-based learning. Led by instructor Donna Clark, you will:

  • Become aware of different styles of communication
  • Assess your own communication style, strengths and challenges
  • Learn from the research on gender factors affecting communication
  • Learn how to better communicate with those of other styles
  • Share experiences, tips and strategies to communicate effectively at work

This session, open to all conference participants, is offered in conjunction with the Canadian Centre for Women in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology (WinSETT Centre). 

Donna ClarkBio: Donna Clark, CMC, ACC, Leadership Partner, Courage Group International, is committed to developing the capacity of individuals to lead with courage and compassion and create life nurturing, high performing organizations. Donna brings a combination of executive experience and 18 years of private practice in coaching, leadership and organizational development, and conflict transformation. Donna supports clients in discerning and creating the future they desire for their lives and their organizations and developing their leadership and strategic actions to get there. She has degrees in science, education and business and is certified from the Newfield Network Coach Training Program, WEL-Systems® Institute and is a Registered Practitioner in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Clients say she works with enthusiasm, an engaging and innovative style, and authentic presence in her facilitation. She has an ability to create conversational space that inspires learning and supports a group in achieving results beyond their expectations. Donna is the Maritimes Facilitator for the WinSETT Centre Women in SETT Leadership Program. Since 1991 Donna has worked significantly on workplace culture change and leadership to increase the participation of women in SETT.